17 Soldiers Killed in Faryab Army Base Attack


At least 17 soldiers were killed and another 25 wounded in clashes between security forces and the Taliban in Ghormach district in Faryab province on Sunday, sources told TOLOnews. 

According to the sources, the Taliban attacked an Afghan National Army base – commonly known as Chinese camp – and have occupied a few strongholds. 

Soldiers and officers from inside the camp said they are under siege and if reinforcement troops are not sent to them, they will all be killed. 

Faryab MPs meanwhile accused government of negligence and said this base had been under siege for a few days. Despite calls for help, security departments failed to take action, the MPs said.

“We are worried about the soldiers. There is also a lot of equipment (on the base) and if Taliban seize this, then they will threaten the northern parts, especially Faryab,” Bashir Ahmad Tayyanj, an MP from Faryab said. 

Afghanistan Army Chief of Staff Mohammad Sharif Yaftali on Sunday held a press conference in Kabul and confirmed the clashes at the camp but gave no information about casualties. 

“There was a heavy fight and both sides suffered fatalities,” said Yaftali. 

A number of soldiers have however made phone calls to TOLOnews and said the Taliban attacked the camp on Saturday, but that so far, they have not received any support. 

Ghormach district is only 150kms far from Maimana city, the provincial capital of Faryab – which has faced increasing security threats. 


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