‘Disqualified’ Candidates Label IECC’s Move As Unfair


A number of parliamentary election candidates who face disqualification in the elections said on Sunday the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission’s (IECC) move was an “unfair and political move”. 

Speaking at a press conference, a number of these candidates said they were not even given a chance to defend themselves.  

Fawzia Kofi, a candidate from Badakhshan province, who looks set to be disqualified by the IECC, said the commission has no proof that she has ties with illegal armed groups. 

“In my objection, I told them that if you or any other department proves that I or any of my family members even own an illegal pistol, I will apologize to the Afghan people and will leave politics,” said Kofi. 

Kofi said she wants an international commission to investigate her case adding that in the country everyone is following a “dictator”.

“Our case should be investigated by an international, neutral, commission to find out the truth. Unfortunately, on the national level everyone is a pawn to a dictator and a crazy person,” Kofi added. 

Meanwhile other candidates that face disqualification gathered outside the IECC’s offices and said the commission’s move against them is a political move and unfair. 

“I asked them the reasons, but said they are not obliged to tell us the reasons. I also asked them to give me a chance to appeal, but they said I do not have the right to do so,” Ziaulhaq Amarkhail, one candidate said.  

“Yesterday I saw on Facebook that my name had been removed. I went to the IECC at 3.20pm to ask why I was removed, but I was told that the commissioners had left their offices,” Amanullah Hotaki, another candidate said. 

The Presidential Palace meanwhile said it supports the move of the IECC to disqualify candidates accused of illegal activities. 

On Sunday, IECC commissioners were not in their offices to respond to questions about the disqualified candidates. 

The commission’s offices were however heavily guarded and security forces were stationed around the building. 


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