Disqualified Candidates Warn IEC Not To Release Final List


The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Sunday said a number of parliamentary election candidates, who have been disqualified, warned the commission not to announce the final list of names. 

According to the IEC, the 35 disqualified candidates said they will embark on protest action if their names are removed from the final candidate list. 

IEC chief Abdulbadi Sayyad said the disqualified candidates have asked the commission to postpone the announcement of the final list and the draw to determine the order of candidate names on ballot papers.

The IEC was expected to announce the final list on Sunday, but instead postponed it until Monday.

“There were problems and I apologize for the delay. The candidates who have been removed from the list came here and wanted to launch demonstrations or make another move. But the commission told them the legal reasons behind their removal. They asked us to postpone the process until they register their appeals,” said Sayyad. 

The draw to determine the order of candidate names on ballot papers did however start after a three hour delay.

According to the IEC, 2,561 candidates are on the final list – which will be announced on Monday.  

“The draw will continue until late today (Sunday) and tomorrow we will announce the final list at 4pm,” said Sayed Hafizullah Hashemi, an IEC commissioner. 

Once the order of names has been determined, ballot papers will be printed abroad.

The Independent Electoral Complaints Commission removed 35 names from their final list of parliamentary election candidates on Saturday.

According to a copy of a document obtained by TOLOnews, the following names have been removed

•    Mohibullah, Ahmad Shah Shams, Amanullah Hotaki from Uruzgan; 

•    Abdul Rahman Shaheedani from Bamiyan; 

•    Fawzia Kofi, Maryam Kofi, Mohammad Nabi Bayan and Abdul Samad Abdul Hameed from Badakhshan;

•    Assadullah Sharifi from Balkh; 

•    Sayed Jafar Naderi, Assadullah Islamzoi and Hayatullah Wafa from Baghlan; 

•    Ghulam Haidar Jailani and Noor Ahmad Sikandar from Parwan; 

•    Allah Mir and Nawid Ibrahimkhail from Paktia; 

•    Bashir Qanet and Assadullah Ayub from Takhar; 

•    Liyaqatullah Babakarkhail and Jabar Jabarkhail from Khost; 

•    Masooma Khawari, Mohammad Asif Azimi and Raees Khairullah from Samangan; 

•    Sakhi Nawid from Faryab; 

•    Qais Hassan, Mawlawi Tarakhail, Sayed Daud Naderi, Sedaqat Zahid, Ziaulhaq Amarkhail, Ehsanullah Atif, Shir Ali Ahmadzai and Zardad Faryadi from Kabul; 

•    Shayista Baz Naseri from Kunduz; 

•    Akbar Stanekzai from Logar; 

•    Jawed Zaman from Nangarhar.


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