Elephant mother tries to revive her dead elephant calf for more than a day in heartbreaking video


This is the heartbreaking moment an elephant mother spends more than 24 hours trying to revive its dead calf.

Footage shows the grieving mother moving around the limp, lifeless body of the baby elephant in the village of Tumkur, India on 26 September.

Villagers and forest officials tried to separate the two by making loud noises and setting off firecrackers, but the mother stuck by its child’s side.

The grief-stricken mother pushes around the limp calf with her trunk as she tries to wake her baby. 

A group of another 12 elephants was spotted nearby consoling the mother.

Eventually, the pair were separated.

The Karnataka state has one of the highest concentrations of elephants in India, with the state boasting a population of 6,049, according to the 2017 Elephant Census. 


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