Group Of 50 Taliban Join Peace Process In Badghis


A group of fifty Taliban fighters have joined the peace process in Badghis province, local officials said Sunday.

According to the officials, the Taliban fighters joined the peace process as a result of efforts by the High Peace Council (HPC) and in corporation with government forces.

“We are glad that today our unhappy brothers, who are our own Afghans and the sons of this country, come back and join their other brothers. I welcome them,” said provincial governor Abdul Ghafoor Malikzai.

Badghis Police Chief General Ahmad Fahim Qaim said that the group will have a positive impact on the security of the province.

“Today we are glad that a large group of our unhappy brothers who fought against the government stopped the war and handed their weapons to government and joined the peace process and by them joining the peace process the security of Badghis will improve,” said Qaim.

Meanwhile, the Taliban group commander, Abdul Ghafar, known as Tofan, said that neighboring countries are helping to mobilize Taliban groups for their own benefit.

“Fifty of us today joined the government, and soon more than two hundred of our colleagues are supposed to be with the government, and now we want jobs from the government,” said Tofan.

Badghis Provincial Council has called on other Taliban fighters to join the peace process in order to ensure the security of the country altogether.

“We also call on the Taliban’s other group to join the government like this group and return to their normal life,” said Abdul Aziz Bek, head of the Badghis provincial council.

“By joining the group, the Taliban in Badghis are weaker and will no longer have the power to fight against the government forces,” said Abdul Rahim a member of parliament.


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