British bouncers trade blows with revellers outside Benidorm bar


Chaotic footage has captured the moment Benidorm bouncers traded blows with drinkers outside one of the resort’s most infamous venues.

Footage shot outside the Red Lion sports bar in the Spanish resort shows at least one person punched to the ground in the melee. 

As the fight erupts the video just captures a second man in a blue shirt being taken down from behind by a man in a black tee.

At least one man shown in the violence appears to be a staff member for RRPP Benidorm, which supplies security in the resort.

The video was posted on Twitter on Friday lsat week along with the caption: ‘#RedLionBenidorm your bouncers we’re out of order last night #benidorm.’

The footage begins with a man in shorts and red trainers fighting with another drinker. A bar stool is knocked over and the men grapple.

The video also captures a separate scene behind the men, of another customer being put in a headlock and dragged to the floor by a man in a black top.

The man in red trainers is then rugby tackled to the floor by another man wearing a similar black T-shirt.

As the man hits the floor he is surrounded and kicked and punched repeatedly.

Meanwhile, a man is punched to the ground by a bald man in a black T-shirt with the letters RRPP printed on it.

RRPP describes itself on Twitter as a public relations company working on behalf of Benidorm nightclubs.

The customer falls to the floor against a bin and remains on the ground as the footage ends.

The puncher walks away as the man holds his head, and can be seen pointing at the camera man, appearing to tell him to stop filming.

The footage then goes blank and cuts off.

A commenter on the video asked whether police were on the scene, saying there were many on the street on the Friday night.

The poster of the video, identified only as Bodman, said there were none at the bar.

The Red Lion, located on Calle Gerona in the Spanish resort, has been approached for comment.

RRPP has also been approached for comment.


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