British chef killed after being hit by two separate cars in Japan


A 30-year-old British man has been killed in Japan, after he was hit by two separate cars in a double hit-and-run accident near Tokyo.

Andrew McEwan Grant was hit by a car crossing a road in Ina, Saitama Prefecture, after which a second car going in the opposite direction ran over him. Neither vehicle stopped.

The driver of the second car to hit him later called police to admit she had been involved.

Hikaru Tanishima, 25, reportedly told cops: ‘I might have run someone over. I became scared and fled.’

Police had earlier arrested a male driver, Matsubara Eiichiro, 54, from the city of Sayama, Saitama Prefecture.

He was allegedly driving the first vehicle to hit the Briton, while Ms Tanashima was driving the second vehicle, police said.

Both face charges of causing death by negligent driving. The police investigation into the accident continues.

Ina, which lies close to the capital city of Tokyo, is an agricultural town famous for its roses, Japanese pears and Kyoho grapes. 

A UK Foreign Office spokesperson said: ‘Our consular staff are supporting the family of a British man following his death in Japan, and are in contact with the Japanese authorities about the incident.’ 


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