A premature baby born weighing just 1lb 5oz has beaten one in a million odds to survive.

Careworker Hanna Rose, 25, from Worksop, Nottinghamshire,  gave birth to baby George three months prematurely in July last year, and at just six minutes old he was put on a life support machine.

On five separate occasions, doctors told Hanna, and her partner Daniel Bownes, 27, that baby George would die after he was treated for meningitis and contracted sepsis four times after receiving more than 20 blood transfusions.

But the baby, now nine months old, has made a miracle recovery and is at home with his parents.

Hanna told the Daily Star Sunday, ‘I was convinced he was going to die so it’s truly a miracle that he’s here with us.’ 

At 23 weeks pregnant, Hanna began to experience back pains, and spent four days in labour before giving birth. 

Before his parents had a chance to hold him, George was rushed into intensive care, and put into what resembled a ‘plastic sandwich bag’ in an incubator.

‘He was given immediate surgery,’ Hanna said. ‘We couldn’t touch him because he was born with transparent skin.’

George suffered from necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a condition in newborns where part of the bowel dies.

As a result of his surgery for NEC he suffered from a swollen liver, and lost 40 per cent of his blood. 

He then conducted meningitis and sepsis as a result of his premature birth, at which point Hanna and Daniel were told there was nothing that could be done and a hospital chaplain came to give George his final blessing.

Quickly after getting a blessing, George’s vitals began to improve, despite staff telling Hanna they’d never seen a newborn with an infection as severe as their sons survive.  

Believing their son only had a few hours left, Hanna and Daniel read to him, when they suddenly saw his blood pressure start to rise.

Now back home, George weighs 6lb 2oz,  but still relies on an Oxygen tank to help him breathe. 

He now faces a seventh surgery for his heart, and his parents are raising money for his physiotherapy on GoFundMe. 

His parents are hoping to give him 40-60 minutes of physiotherapy every two weeks.   

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