Monday saw the tense quarter final match of BBC’s University Challenge, with a team of four students representing Glasgow battling four Manchester contestants.

The nail-biting episode saw Manchester win with a 155-70 score, after their Scottish counterparts suffered a technical interruption and an early buzzer.

But despite the eventful episode, presented by Jeremy Paxman, University Challenge fans appeared more interested in the choice of one of the team member’s t-shirts.

Viewers flocked to Twitter after noting that the captain of the University of Glasgow team, James Hampson, from Cheshire who is studying Medicine, was wearing a University of Aberdeen shirt.

‘Hampson is wearing a University of Aberdeen t-shirt. Did they get him  in the transfer window?’ one viewer joked.

Another added: ‘Loving how the @UofGlasgow team captain on #universitychallenge is wearing an @aberdeenuni tshirt. Rebel!’.

‘Why is Hampson of Glasgow University wearing an Aberdeen University t-shirt?’ another questioned, branding it a ‘wardrobe fail’. 

Joking that they were too invested in the programme, another pondered the possible reasons for his wardrobe choice. 

They wrote: ‘The captain of the University of Glasgow, Hampson, is wearing a University of Aberdeen t-shirt and I can’t figure out if…

‘a: he’s wearing it ironically

‘b: he’s wearing it in tribute to something sentimental

‘c: I’m terribly tragic for being so invested in #UniversityChallenge.’ 

Elsewhere a pal of the contestant in question, added: ‘Classic James. He does his own thing.’ 

But The University of Glasgow proved there were no hard feelings as they got in on the action, tweeting: ‘We noticed too! Hope @AberdeenUniversity are cheering us on too!’. 

Next week’s match will return on Monday, with teams representing Bristol and St Edmund Hall battling to get to the next stage of the challenge.

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