David Silva opens up on ‘tough’ time he had travelling back to Spain to see his sick son


David Silva has opened up about how difficult life was for him and his family last season despite Manchester City breaking record after record as they chased down the Premier League title.

Silva regularly flew back to Spain to visit his son Mateo after he was born extremely premature in December 2017. 

The midfielder missed games around the same time in order to be with his son after Pep Guardiola has given his blessing for him to leave.

Speaking on the BBC’s Premier League Show, Silva spoke of how he found it difficult to sleep and eat due because he was constantly worrying.

‘It was really tough,’ he said: ‘It was so difficult with him being in hospital for so long, you can’t stop thinking about it.

‘Besides he was in Spain, meaning I had to travel a lot and I could hardly train

‘I didn’t sleep much, I wasn’t eating well. But, luckily, the team was doing really well and that helped me a lot.’

The 32-year-old, who is expected to leave City once his contract expires in 2020, also admitted that it was tough to fully focus on the pitch last season. 

Silva added: ‘I’ve said before that the only times I could get it out of my mind was on the pitch. Then I would start thinking about everything once the match was over. But yes, it was a really good way to escape. ‘Football is what we love and enjoy most.

‘He’s doing fine and really everything was worth it. He suffered a lot but now he’s growing up really fast.’ 


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