First robot sex doll brothel opens in Russia aimed at Moscow’s city workers and entrepreneurs


The first robot brothel has opened its doors in Russia offering sex with a doll for around £80 an hour.

Sex robot brothels have already opened in Germany, Spain, Austria and Italy with plans for one in Houston, Texas.

The LumiDolls franchise, which already has establishments in Barcelona in Spain and Turin, Italy, has now set up shop in the Russian capital.

Based in the commercial district known as the Moscow International Business Centre (MIBC), the venue hopes to attract stressed city workers and entrepreneurs.

According to local media, the LumiDolls’ ‘Madame’ in Moscow is called Emma and she comes with two orifices that are temperature-controlled.

She is 5ft 4in (165 centimetres) tall, weighs 5.5st (35kg) and sighs with pleasure when she is touched.

The sex doll can also blink and is bilingual, being able to ‘talk dirty’ to clients in either English or Chinese.

LumiDolls also provides other ‘realistic dolls’ with flexible ‘movement of their joints’ that ‘allow you to fulfil all your fantasies’.

One hour with one of the ‘plastic prostitutes’ will cost around £82 (7,000 RUB).

The LumiDolls chain has experienced recent problems in Turin and Houston, where local authorities have either blocked the opening or temporarily closed it down.

One city councillor, back by religious groups, threatened to film customers entering the brothel and post the footage on social media.

The Houston branch is expected to open soon while the company plans on opening another ten sex dens around the world in the near future. 

According to reports, sex industry experts estimate that people with a fetish for sex dolls are a growing group, and that they expect more dolls to be made available by brothels. 

Evelyn Schwarz, who runs a robot brothel in Dortmund, said that the wives of many brothel visitors are reacting ‘with tolerance’ to their desires and are often seen ‘waiting outside in the car’ while their husband is having sex with a doll.

At the Ars Electronica Festival in the city of Linz, an interactive silicone sex doll named ‘Samantha’ became so popular that it broke down because so many visitors groped its breasts and soiled its body.

In Germany, a new brothel has now opened that caters exclusively to those who are attracted to plastic sex dolls.

The robot brothel in Barcelona had to move location after real-life prostitutes complained the androids were taking their trade.


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