Floyd’s feeling Blue! Mayweather heads to geothermal spa in Iceland


As Conor McGregor prepares to go back into battle just over a year on from his fight with Floyd Mayweather, the American’s situation appears to be a little different.

Gone are the training camps and sparring sessions, and instead Mayweather is using his retirement to explore the world and do some travelling.

On Tuesday he posted an Instagram picture of him boarding a plane, and just a few hours later he was in the water of Iceland’s famous geothermal spa ‘Blue Lagoon’.

Sharing the snap with his 21 million followers, the former boxer said: ‘Life is all about experiencing different things. So, I decided to come check out Iceland. 

‘It is one of the most sought out countries for hot springs. What better place than the Blue Lagoon to experience first while in Iceland.’

Alongside the picture, he also posted a video showing the surroundings. The camera pans around the beautiful views, before zooming in on Mayweather, his arms outstretched on top of the water.

The 41-year-old wrote that Iceland was stop No 1 of his exploration, but it is as yet unclear where he plans on heading next.

Before flying across the pond to Europe, Mayweather hit the headlines on Tuesday after a video emerged of him gifting $1,000 to a homeless man in a wheelchair.   

The boxer, who has been named the world’s highest-paid sports star for four of the past seven years, pulled over in his car before handing the cash to the man. 

After leaving the strip club he owns, Mayweather filmed himself taking a wad of notes out of his back before talking to the camera. 

‘I’m going to go into my bag and give back,’ he said. ‘I want every celebrity to give back. It’s the give back challenge.

‘It’s about giving back to American citizens.’ 

The homeless man was clearly touched by the gesture, reaching out to give the 41-year-old a hug before settling for a fistbump instead. 

Mayweather himself could be set for another pay day if talks on his next fight is to be believed. 

Mayweather is reportedly in advanced discussions with Manny Pacquiao over a rematch this December. 


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