Iran slams France’s “double standard” approach toward terrorism


TEHRAN, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) — Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Friday dismissed France’s concerns over Tehran’s recent missile attacks against an opposition group in the Iraqi Kurdistan.

In a statement, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Bahram Qasemi blasted France’s “double standards” on dealing with terrorism.

Qasemi said no country would ever remain silent when it comes to its national security, territorial integrity, and any form of aggression against its people and land.

His comments came in response to the French Foreign Ministry, which expressed concerns about the missile attack of the Islamic republic against “terrorists” in northern Iraq.

Qasemi said that his country had earlier warned the Iraqi government and Iraqi Kurdistan authorities of the terrorist moves and destabilizing acts of terrorist groups.

On Sept. 8, Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) launched a missile attack on a center in the Iraqi Kurdistan region which was used for training anti-Iran Kurdish opposition group.

In the attack, 14 group members were killed and scores were injured.

“This terrorist group recently martyred 11 Iranian citizens, and the Iranian nation at least expected their government to punish them and take decisive actions in order to put an end to such operations,” said Qasemi.

Chief commander of the IRGC on Thursday said that “IRGC’s recent revenge against terrorists (in Iraqi Kurdistan) had a very meaningful message for the enemies.”


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