Man arrested after ‘spy’ alert on Roman Abramovich’s superyacht


A security guard has been arrested after sparking a ‘spy’ alert by taking photos on board the super yacht of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

The man boarded ‘Eclipse’ on Monday evening while the £340million vessel was docked for a refit in Hamburg, Germany’s biggest port.

Chelsea FC owner Abramovich’s bodyguards are said to have feared he was a spy after catching him taking photos on the vessel and alerted German police.

But the suspect turned out to be a 21-year-old security guard working at the shipyard. The man was reportedly on his way to the toilet on board the ship and decided to take a few pictures in the lavish interior.

He is now being investigated on possible trespassing charges. 

Eclipse was delivered to Abramovich in December 2010 and is officially registered in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda.

At 533ft, Eclipse is the world’s second-largest privately owned motor yacht behind the 590ft Azzam owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Eclipse features two helipads, 24 guest cabins, two pools, several jacuzzis, an on-board club, a submarine and three fast launch boats to carry passengers ashore in smaller ports.

The vessel reportedly requires 70 staff members to operate it and serve guests. 

Celebrities including Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are among those who have partied on the boat, which is reputed to cost £50 million each year.    


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