Amanda had only just given birth to her fourth son when doctors told her, due to complications, they would have to remove her uterus.

Not long after they discovered blood clots in the Melbourne-based mother’s lungs, meaning she would be forced to inject herself with blood thinners twice daily for the next six months.

And while her husband Joseph tried to work and help run the rest of their household, Amanda was dealt a final, devastating blow.

She had cancer. 

‘Around four weeks later, things have started to calm down, and you have just started to settle into a routine at home with your four children,’ A GoFundMe page for the doting mum explained.

‘Then you visit your doctor. He removes a mole. Then you get the news… melanoma.

‘You go in for more surgery, this time with a newborn baby in your arms. 

‘The aim is to remove more tissue from the site and to drain the lymph nodes. The surgery is completed; further tests are conducted. 

‘At this point you are desperately hoping for the nightmare to be over. But it isn’t; you get the call… you have cancer.’

These words, spoken by Amanda’s close friend Chloe Bilston, show how quickly cancer can interrupt your plans of a blissful family life.

With her youngest just barely a month old, Amanda must now undergo rigorous treatment to stop the further spread of the life threatening illness.

In a bid to help with the financial burden, Ms Bilston has started a fundraising platform, which has already raised a staggering $4,088.

‘I wish this story wasn’t about my beautiful friend Amanda,’ her friend wrote.

‘She is one of the most generous and giving people I have ever known. 

‘She has always been the first person to jump up and help others; to give unconditionally to her family and to all those around her. She of all people doesn’t deserve this.’

Ms Bilston hopes the donations will show Amanda that people ‘will stand with her in this fight’ and she is ‘far from alone’. 

‘Please dig deep for this family, no one should have to go through this. And these little boys need their mummy to be healthy and well,’ she said.