New Zealand shop ordered to cover labels on imported…


A British food store in New Zealand has been granted permission to stock Weetabix, but must cover up the name on boxes after the company behind local brand Weet-Bix complained that it could confuse consumers.

Sanitarium, the New Zealand producer of Weet-Bix, had argued that customers of the A Little Bit of Britain shop in Christchurch might mistake the British cereal for its own product.

A decision released by New Zealand’s High Court at Christchurch on Tuesday allows the store to stock Weetabix, but stipulates that it must cover up the brand name to prevent a trademark breach.

The New Zealand Herald reported Sanitarium general manager Rob Scoines as saying he was “absolutely happy and pleased” with the outcome.

He said: “It’s not so much about Little Bit of Britain selling Weetabix, but more about the protection of the Weet-Bix trademark.

“The judgment enables us to protect our brand, which supports the employment of New Zealanders and contributes to the community.”

The court ruled that Weetabix products imported for other than private or domestic use must be destroyed.

A post on A Little Bit of Britain’s Facebook page read: “Woohoo! It’s been such a long time coming but it’s finally done. You can be assured we will be getting Weetabix in our next container.

“As per the judge’s ruling, we have to sticker over the Weetabix logo so please help us out and let us know below what you think we should call it.

“We were thinking ‘confuse a brit’ since they think we are so easily led astray. Get commenting and let us know!”


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