Richard Bowker has until end of week to find solution to UKA crisis or face being served notice


Richard Bowker has been given until the end of this week to come up with a solution to the crisis at UK Athletics or faced being served with 28 days notice to have him removed as chairman.

The governing body, who lost their chief executive last month when Niels de Vos suddenly quit, have been shaken further by a call for Bowker’s resignation from representatives of the home nations who sit on the UKA members council. 

As Sportsmail revealed on Monday, the UKA board were given until 5pm on Tuesday to act themselves.

That sparked a series of meetings on Tuesday. First between members of the board and the members council and then an emergency board meeting via conference call, with the board, Sportsmail understands, begging for time in a bid to find a resolution.

As of Tuesday night Bowker remained chairman. But the representatives of the home nations, strongly opposed to Bowker’s proposals to streamline British athletics by essentially making England Athletics a subsidiary of UKA, have essentially given Bowker a stay of execution.

If he has not backed down and come up with a solution that resolves the current dispute, the UKA articles refer to the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 which requires members to give 28 days notice of a general meeting to consider a resolution to remove a director. 

That director is allowed to circulate representations against the proposed removal but how Bowker could possibly continue as chairman in such circumstances remains to be seen.


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