Spanish authorities are investigating a company that offers cryogenic preservation of the dead, for 100 years, so “patients” can wait for reanimation by technological and medical advances.

Spanish consumer protection authorities from the autonomous government of Valencia, an eastern region of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea, are looking into the company Cecryon, which is the first of its type in the European Union, El Pais reported Monday.

Authorities seek company information outlining how it plans to meet its commitment for an entire century, and whether it has contingency plans in case of potential trouble, like bankruptcy.

Cecryon CEO Javier Tapia said the company warns all potential customers that current technology does not make it possible to revive someone cryogenically frozen, but tells them future technology may change that.

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The company said it will use some of the $229,000 paid by each customer to set up a fund to guarantee frozen preservation will continue even if the company runs into financial problems.

Cecryon says its bodies are preserved at minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit. While the company installations are located at a cemetery in Valencia, the company said it prefers to call its clients “patients.” Remains must at least include the head, as it houses the brain, company officials told Las Provincias.

“The creation of artificial organs to fight aging, cellular rejuvenation research and many other treatments have become increasingly more effective,” the company states on its website.

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“All of this information allows us to deduce that soon we will live even longer and with a higher quality of life. Do not be left out of this.”

Cecryon started operating in October and immediately had interest from two potential clients, Las Provincias reported in October.

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