Tyson Fury works out in Los Angeles health club in multi-coloured underpants


Tyson Fury continued to get into fighting shape on Thursday evening as he showed off his devastating punching power during an open workout in Los Angeles.

The ‘Gypsy King’ is currently busy touring the US promoting and honing his preparations for the highly-anticipated heavyweight championship showdown with Deontay Wilder on December 1.

Wearing a pair of bizarre multi-coloured underpants in the ring, Fury gave Wilder a glimpse of what he can expect when they come face-to-face at Staples Center by unleashing some vicious shots into the pads.

Hard hitting @Tyson_Fury 👊

The Gypsy King at the Los Angeles open workouts. He’s looking slick ahead of #WilderFury 👀🥊 pic.twitter.com/D0dgfSNaKs

He was put through his paces during an intense workout with trainer Ben Davison at the Churchill Boxing Gym in Santa Monica on Thursday night.

The world’s media watched on from around the side of the ring as the 30-year-old demonstrated his skills through a number of exercises.

Fury went through his entire repertoire of jabs, hooks and uppercuts as he tries to plot a strategy to win the WBC heavyweight title that has been Wilder’s since 2015. 

At the end of the session, Fury stood in the centre of the ring in just a t-shirt and his boxers with his arms raised above his head.

Fury also continues to train at altitude at the Big Bear camp in California as he readies himself to face Wilder, who, like Fury and heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua, boasts an unbeaten record.

The bout represents the biggest of the second half of Fury’s career, the 30-year-old having had over two years out of the ring due to personal problems after his memorable win over Wladimir Klitschko late in 2015. 

During a podcast appearance on Thursday, Fury revealed just how close he came to killing himself after being crowned the heavyweight champion of the world on that memorable night in Dusseldorf.

After beating Klitschko by decision his life quickly spiralled out of control and he turned to drugs and alcohol as he struggled to deal with achieving his lifetime ambition.

‘I hit the drink, I hit the drugs and I was out all night with the women of the night,’ he told UFC commentator Joe Rogan on his hugely popular podcast on Thursday.

‘I just wanted to die and I wanted to have fun doing it. But when the drink wears off it just leaves you with a bad hangover and even worse depression. When you have a goal in mind from being a child – and you achieve it… I was lost, I didn’t know what to do.  

‘I had never taken a drug until I was 27; cocaine was the usual one, cocaine and alcohol. I look back on it now and I think, “would i change that?” But I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t change a thing because I knew it had to happen.

‘I was waking up and didn’t want to be alive. I was making everyone’s life a misery; no-one could talk any sense into me at all. I would get very, very low at times and start thinking these crazy thoughts. I bought a brand new Ferrari convertible in the summer of 2016.

‘I was in it on the highway and at the bottom, I got the car up to 190mph and heading towards a bridge. I didn’t care about nothing, I just wanted to die so bad. I gave up on life but as I was heading to the bridge I heard a voice saying, “no don’t do this Tyson; think about your kids, your family, your sons and daughter growing up without a dad”.’

‘Before I turned into the bridge I pulled on to the motorway, I didn’t know what to do, I was shaking, I was so afraid. I said I’d never think about taking my own life again.’ 


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