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Why petrol is having a comeback – and how to boost your car’s resale value.

YOU MIGHT BE upgrading from a 2017 or 2018 model or buying a new car for the first time ever. Either way, if you’re considering a new set of wheels for 191, the range of options out there is no doubt a little overwhelming.

For starters, there’s the fuel type to pick. The transmission. The car size, the number of doors, the model, the in-car features… it’s a lot to consider.

To help you figure out what features you need, and what pitfalls you should avoid, we asked Dave Humphreys, Road Test Editor with, for his expert advice.

Here’s what he reckons car buyers should be keeping in mind for 191…

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Back in 2008, car-buyers began choosing diesel engines “overnight” after Ireland’s motor tax system changed in favour of low-emission engines. “At the time, diesel engines scored better than petrol ones. But now that petrol emissions have dropped too, there has definitely been a swing back,” says Dave.

But the choice between petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid should really depend on your lifestyle, and not motor tax costs:

Look at the type of driving you’re doing and let that dictate it. For urban driving, petrol is more fuel efficient than diesel, for example.

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With UK buyers turning away from diesel too, there are ‘diesel dump’ savings to be made for Irish buyers choosing imports – and Brexit could drive costs down even further. But be careful not to get blindsided by a low price tag, warns Dave – it might not be worth the hassle.

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Real-time traffic info, hands-free calling, smartphone charge points… If you’re not a techie by nature, you might have in-car connectivity at the bottom of your list. But high-tech features are a smart way to future-proof your car, says Dave.

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Features like reversing cameras and emergency brake assist have obvious advantages for keeping you safe, but they’re not the only extras you should be considering.

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Earlier this year, Minister for Transport Shane Ross promised a new government crackdown on speeding, with higher penalty points for motorists who break the limit. So what can you do to ensure you stay within legal guidelines? Well, aside from always keeping your eye on the road and not making risky decisions, there’s one feature that could help, says Dave:

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“Ten years ago I’d never have wanted an automatic car,” says Dave. “At that time they cost far more than manual transmission cars and guzzled way more fuel.”

Now though, fuel consumption for automatic cars has dropped across the board. “The costs are lower too,” Dave adds. “If you’re commuting, it’s a great option.”

Whatever motor you go for, make sure it’s chosen with your needs in mind. “The car should suit you, not the other way around,” says Dave.

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