A Cairns man claimed on Facebook he was charge for his own reusable bags at Woolworths


Woolworths has charged a man for bringing in his own reusable shopping bags.

The Cairns shopper shared a copy of his receipt to social media last week, showing an eight cent charge for the bags.  

The man said he brought his own bags to the store following the supermarket chain’s ban on single use plastic bags.

‘Go Woolworths. Charging us to use our own bags. Sneaky little,’ he wrote on the Woolworths Facebook page.

However, Woolworths claims a technical glitch was responsible for the error.

A spokesperson said Woolworths credits shoppers with rewards points for bringing their own bags. 

‘At Woolworths, you will receive 30 Woolworths Rewards points when you use your own reusable bags when shopping with us,’ the spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘This customer appears to have been impacted by a technical error during the switchover from the old Rewards offer on Wednesday. 

‘We sincerely apologise for this error and ask them to keep their receipt and next time they’re in store they should speak with the store manager or service desk manager and they will rectify this for them.’



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