An internet site simply revealed the ‘ultimate Halloween candy power ranking’ – Eire


When you knocked on your neighbours’ door on Halloween evening as a kid, there were some sweets you hoped they would drop into your bag – and some you hoped they wouldn’t.

An American website has now come up with what they say is the “ultimate power ranking” for Halloween candy.

Five Thirty Eight – the data journalism website more commonly associated with politics and sports – questioned a huge sample of people to discover which sweets were the most sought after.


And while the results will clearly mean more to an American audience than those on the other side of the Atlantic, there are still some fascinating insights.

Reese’s – with their Peanut Butter Cups, Miniatures, Pieces and Stuffed With Pieces varieties – take four of the top 10 spots, including first and second.

Rounding out the top five are three bars that will be more familiar to British and Irish trick-or-treaters: Twix, Kit Kat and Snickers.

At the very bottom of the 86 brands included in the survey was Good & Plenty – a liquorice sweet – with Nik-L-Lip and Boston Baked Beans also in the bottom three. The much maligned candy corn was at number 67.

The results proved about as divisive as you might expect.

Milky Way is far bettrer than Starburst and Reeese’s Pieces needs to move down but this is the most accurate ranking so far!

Sour patch kids should be higher than 22👎🏿

Skittles died when they replaced lime with green apple. Don’t @ me

Junior Mints?? Almond Joy? C’mon. Those are definitely better than Starbursts or Rolos

The Reese’s superpac funded this poll 😈

Something to keep in mind in future when you’re stocking up ahead of the big night.

Perhaps, though, trick-or-treaters should just be happy to get anything at all.

A UK poll from YouGov suggested a whopping 43% of people pretend not to be home when they hear a knock on the door on Halloween.

If a group of children come to your house to trick or treat, what do you tend to do?
Give them some sweets: 45%
Pretend to not be home: 43%


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