Angelina Jolie Not Quitting Movie Amid Child Support Controversy With Brad Pitt


Despite a report claiming that Angelina Jolie has decided to “pull out” from her upcoming movie “Come Away” amid her battle over child support — as part of the latest developments in her divorce case with actor Brad Pitt — Gossip Cop debunked the news, stating that the “Maleficent” actress has no such plans.

An article on The Sun, titled “ANGIE QUITS FLICK Peter Pan movie thrown into chaos as Angelina Jolie pulls out last minute leaving the future of the film in the balance,” claimed Jolie had quit the movie “Come Away,” which was supposed to be a mash-up of “Peter Pan” and “Alice In Wonderland.”

Deadline broke the news in May that Jolie was in talks to star in the movie, which was largely going to be a prequel to both “Alice in Wonderland” and “Peter Pan,” with the main characters from those movies revealed to be sister and brother. Jolie and David Oyelowo were being signed on to play their parents.

However, The Sun came up with the report on Jolie quitting the movie based on the fact that the actress did not show up to shoot on the sets alongside costar Oyelowo earlier this week. The piece added that Jolie called up the producers of the film at the very last minute to tell them she will not be turning up to shoot that day.

After having built up the suspense regarding the future of the movie, the report cites an unnamed insider who had the scoop behind Jolie’s alleged decision.

“Everything was set to get under way this week, it has all been agreed for months. Now nobody is quite sure what is going on,” the insider said. “She’s an A-list star and a total pro so everybody expected things to begin as planned, but the way she is talking suggests she won’t now take the role at all.”

“The top producers are hoping to persuade her to reconsider so they can get things moving, but there are also contingency plans being considered to keep things on track,” the source added.

Although the report mentioned that there was no way of telling for sure if Jolie would return to the project at a later date, it refrained from providing details like how many days Jolie planned to stay away from the shoot or whether she had specified a reason to the producers of the movie for her absence.

According to Gossip Cop, the fake report might have been looking for a way to milk the recent news of Jolie and Pitt going through fresh drama in their ongoing divorce case, since the piece does not mention the name of the insider and lacks concrete evidence.

In a recent report, TMZ said Jolie has claimed in the documents submitted with the court that Pitt has not paid “meaningful child support,” violating the terms of their “informal agreement” struck since their separation nearly two years ago.

However, sources cited by TMZ said Jolie’s claims were a “joke” since Pit has paid millions in child support, which was much more than what they originally agreed upon.

A report by Deadline on Friday said the shooting for “Come Away” was on track — seven weeks in the U.K. followed by three weeks in Los Angeles — with two more new actors joining the cast — “The Crown” alum Anna Chancellor and “The Wire” alum Clarke Peters.

There was no mention about Jolie quitting the production in it, which meant that rumors of her doing so were nothing but bogus.


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