Australian man ordered to hug victim after his dog urinated on coconuts used for drinks in Bali cafe


An Australian man who allegedly attacked a Bali cafe owner after his dogs urinated at the cafe has been ordered to hug his victim in court.

Michael David Sode, 47, was thrown into a Balinese prison after he allegedly assaulted owner Made Wena when Mr Wena complained about Sode’s dogs urinating on coconuts used for drinks at his Warung Coconut cafe in Ubud, in July.

Sode appeared at the Gianyar District Court for the first time and was ordered to hug his victim and sign a ‘peace agreement’, the Herald Sun reported.

Mr Wena, who has a ‘big heart’, said he felt pity for the Australian man and pushed for the unusual gesture.

The pair were ordered to shake hands and hug in front of the judge’s bench after Mr Wena testified and revealed details of the letter to the court.

The official proceedings of the trial must continue as the peace agreement came after a criminal case was launched by police.

Mr Wena told the court he signed the peace agreement because he felt pity for the accused, the Herald Sun reported. 

‘I am Balinese. I feel pity for him. So when he asked for forgiveness, I accept it. However, the case should proceed to punishment. I want foreigners to know that this is the law in Indonesia. I also want locals to open their eyes that if they find this kind of case, they should make a report to police,’ he said.

The victim also recognised Sode was suffering in jail where he has been detained since his arrest, defence lawyer Edmundus Wahyu Indrawan said.

Mr Indrawan said the victim had a big heart and accepted the incident was an accident.

In his testimony, Mr Wena said he was pushed to a table and punched by Sode.

A medical report showed the victim’s lips had been injured, prosecutor Julius Anthony told the court.

Sode responded to the testimony and told the court the dogs in question were not his but were street dogs that followed him into the cafe.

‘I love the dogs so they walk with me,’ he said. 

Sode also claimed he did not intentionally cause injury and recalled the incident was more like a push than a punch.

Sode faces one charge of assault which carries a maximum two years and eight months jail.

The trial will continue next week.    

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