Bachelorette star Amanda Stanton ‘swung’ hotel phone at boyfriend Bobby Jacobs ahead of arrest


She’s the Bachelor In Paradise star who was arrested earlier in the week for domestic battery on her boyfriend in Las Vegas.

And after Amanda Stanton confessed she was embarrassed by what had happened, new details have emerged on what really went down with her beau Bobby Jacobs on Monday.

The athlete claimed he was asleep when the reality TV starlet began to ‘hit him while he was laying in bed’, according to legal documents obtained by Us Weekly. 

The court documents reveal that the two were engaged in an argument that lasted for hours before the 28-year-old ‘swung’ the hotel phone at him.  

Bobby stated that he was asleep with Amanda returned home from a Magic Mike show at 11pm with her pals as part of her friend’s Bachelorette party celebrations.

Angry that he hadn’t returned her calls and texts, she reportedly began to ‘hit him while he was laying in bed’. 

The documents stated that the couple who have been together for six months continued to engage in an argument that lasted for ‘hours’. 

The reported stated that Bobby progressed to call her friends into the room, who had believed Amanda was fast asleep. 

He went on to allege that after her pals left they began fighting again, at which point the mom-of-two ‘swung’ the hotel phone at her boyfriend which hit him on his body. 

It then got nasty with the professional volleyball player claiming that his reality star-turned-blogger lady-love then ‘continued to scratch and pinch’ him on his ‘arms and body’ while he held her down to stop her from attacking him. 

Bobby then called her friends back into the hotel room and they notified staff when they saw the red marks on his arms. 

However, Amanda reported to officials following the incident that Bobby had ‘pinned her down on the bed’, at which point she was ‘begging him to let her up’ and pinching him ‘to get free’. 

The blonde beauty added that when she finally did get free, she was ‘pushed on the bed’ before she was able to ‘lock herself in the bathroom’. 

The new information comes after Amanda was arrested in Las Vegas with domestic battery on Monday. 

TMZ reported at the time that she was at the Wynn Encore when security was called to the room after receiving a noise complain in the early hours of the morning.

As 6’6″ Bobby was speaking with security, Amanda, who stands a petite 5’3″, tried to intervene and in the process shoved her boyfriend so hard that the guards called the police. 

She was taken into custody following the 3:15 a.m. incident and later released.

Her management later told Us Weekly that she sincerely apologized for the ordeal and was deeply embarrassed. 

‘Amanda is embarrassed and ashamed this happened and sincerely apologizes to hotel security and the Las Vegas Police Department,’ the note began.

‘Amanda is a gentle, respectful person who has never gotten physical with anyone under any circumstance.’

‘That evening she had a few drinks at a bachelorette party and when hotel security asked her and Bobby to quiet down, she got a bit rambunctious,’ the continued. 

‘Amanda gave Bobby what she thought was a playful shove; hotel security did their job and reported the incident to the police, who in turn did their job. Despite Bobby explaining this was not an ill-intended shove, the police still had to do their job which Amanda completely respects and understands.’ 

The petite beauty has since returned to social media, posting a bikini shot of herself earlier on Friday with the caption: ‘googled when life gives you lemons quotes..but decided to spare y’all.’ 



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