New Caledonia’s biggest anti-independence party, Caledonia Together, has reiterated that it is opposed to holding more independence referendums.

The issue is likely to be discussed in Paris next Friday when the French prime minister Edouard Philippe is scheduled to convene a meeting with the signatories to the Noumea Accord.

After 56 percent of voters rejected independence from France last month, Mr Philippe visited New Caledonia and called for the next round of talks about the territory’s future to focus on economic aspects.

The pro-independence side, whose defeat was not as severe as predicted, is keen to invoke the Accord provision which allows for the next referendum to be held in 2020.

It has also said the Paris meeting should not deal with economic matters because most powers have been devolved to New Caledonia.

The Caledonia Together Party said more independence votes are pointless because they will yield the same outcome.