Car trashes an entire street after losing control at 140km/h, smashing into signs, fences and trees


This is what remains of a late-night car crash which left a trail of destruction as a sports car careered into signs, fences and trees.

The banged-up white Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T came to rest on the footpath of a quiet road in a southeastern suburb of Perth after slamming into signposts and trees at high speed in the middle of the night last Saturday.

A witness said the vehicle began its trail of destruction when it skidded several metres after hitting an ‘ankle-deep puddle at 140km/h’.

Shaky hand-held footage shows the scale of havoc from all angles, with broken glass, metal signs and posts, and uprooted trees scattered over several metres.

The Skyline rests twisted and battered on the footpath, straddling the concrete and nature strip, the only other vehicles in sight being two parked cars a few metres in front.

Neither the driver of the vehicle nor any pedestrians or residents can be seen.

The videographer circles the wreck, showing only slight damage on the left-hand side of the car.

The right-hand side tells a different story. The right front panel is badly twisted and hanging on by a thread, both tyres appear shredded, both windows are totally smashed, and the front fender is completely detached, with one corner lodged firmly between the front wheel and the underside of the car.


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