Cockatoo is miraculously freed after being hit by a car and ending up inside the grille 


Australia’s luckiest cockatoo has been pulled from a very sticky predicament after becoming trapped inside the front grille of a car.

The white bird flew into the front of a vehicle in South Australia on Wednesday, wedging itself in the tight metal compartment with its wings awkwardly poking out. 

About half an hour went by before the driver noticed they had hit something as they drove past Prospect Hill on their way to Harndorf, south east of Adelaide.

Miraculously it was able to be saved after the driver contacted Caspers Bird Rescue and volunteer Wendy Warren came to cut the bird to freedom. 

Ms Warren said it was an additional hour before she arrived to help the bird, which she estimated had been hit at between 80-100km/h.  

‘It would have been hit at 80-100km/h, so it’s very lucky to have been hit by the grille rather than any other part of the car!,’ she told Daily Mail Australia. 

‘I am very eagerly waiting to hear back from the vet as to whether it has any serious injuries.’ 

The rescuer said the owner of the vehicle was happy for the front of their car to be removed in order to save the bird.

‘The owner of the car sacrificed the grille, and was very happy to do so. They encouraged me to do whatever I needed to do to get him out safely’. 

Ms Warren has been hailed a hero for her work, which she said was possible with a towel, thick gloves and a circular saw.



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