‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Chad’s Plan For Abigail Work?


She stunned him by marrying his evil brother just to prevent him from sending her to a mental institution. Now, in a desperate attempt to keep Abigail from being with Stefan any longer, Chad will kidnap her on the Friday, Nov. 9 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

Chad (Billy Flynn) felt he had no choice but to commit Abigail (Marci Miller) after being told that her “Gabby” alter was back and had attacked both Gabi (Camila Banus) and Kate (Lauren Koslow). Realizing her husband didn’t believe she was fine, Abigail took matters into her own hands on the NBC soap by marrying Stefan (Tyler Christopher), effectively taking away Chad’s power as husband to send her away without her consent.

Since then, Chad has been greatly concerned for her safety. Being with Stefan is a risk because of his connection to “Gabby,” and Chad fears that Abigail being there will cause her alter to emerge and finally take over for good. As a result, he consulted with Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and convinced the former serial killer to help him with a plot to get Abigail out of the DiMera mansion–and hopefully to a safe place.

He and Ben had already managed to neutralize both the DiMera guard and Stefan, and will now work to get Abigail out of the house. If they are successful though, they may have a different battle on their hands, as Abigail won’t go away without another fight.

She will be certain that Chad still wants to commit her, and will once again be forced to try and convince him that she is fine, and Gabi and Kate have been setting her up. However, now, she may have some proof, thanks to Kate’s recent visit to see her.

Kate came at Gabi’s request and had drugged Abigail’s tea, the move that’s been used several times to make her unconscious so that Gabi could plant evidence that the alter was back. However, Abigail has remained suspicious of both women since their false stories about being attacked, and when Kate wasn’t looking, she quickly switched the drugged tea with Kate’s. As a result, the other woman is now passed out on the sofa.

If Abigail can use that as proof, then she may finally be able to convince Chad that she isn’t a threat. If she can do that, then taking Gabi down and exposing her revenge plot once and for all may be a success.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.


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