A disabled diner says table cleaning fluid was sprayed in his eyes during a row over his lamb dinner at a Toby Carvery.

Alan Fisher claims the chemical was squirted by a staff member during a disagreement at the Parson and Clerk Toby Carvery, in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.

The pain was so severe, the 55-year-old says, that he needed treatment at Good Hope Hospital.

Both police and the company are investigating the alleged incident. The incident is alleged to have happened at the carvery, known locally as the Parson and Clerk.

Alan suffers from diabetes and osteoarthritis and walks with sticks.

He claims a row over seating arrangements escalated after he complained his dinner was cold.

He says what should have been a pleasant meal with his neighbour, Amy Hunt, ended in humiliation and pain.

‘We found three tables together, covered in rubbish, so I cleared one of them and we sat down,’ says Alan.

‘But someone came over and told us the tables were reserved. I told him: ‘How can they be, they haven’t been cleared yet?”

He refused to budge, and later complained about a shortage of cutlery and bemoaned the temperature of his main course.

‘They told me the plate was hot,’ he claims. ‘If they’d said I could go back to the carvery, there would not have been a problem, I would’ve gone home a happy customer.

‘The wait for a knife and fork was bad enough, but when I complained my meal was cold, I was told ‘Your plate was warm, you’ve eaten most of the food on it and you can get out’.’

Alan claims he was sprayed with the cleaning fluid while attempting to video the verbal exchange with a staff member.

‘I’ve spoken to a senior manager later who said it was an accident,’ he said. 

‘But I was nowhere near the table when it happened, I was near the bar.’

To add insult to injury, he alleges one worker shouted ‘and a merry Christmas to you’ as he was shown the door.

‘The pain was unbelievable,’ he added.

‘My neighbour took me to hospital and my tear ducts are still inflamed.

‘The way I’ve been treated is diabolical. I’ve been totally humiliated.’

The incident is alleged to have happened on the afternoon of Sunday, December 23.

A Toby Carvery spokesman said: ‘We do not condone any sort of aggressive or abusive behaviour made towards guests or staff at the restaurant.

‘We are currently investigating this incident internally.’

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