Every foodie knows the best part about eating a roast pork is the crackling.

And with so many different recipes around, not knowing the right cooking technique could lead to dried meat with chewy skin.

But an Australian home chef has shared her secret to the perfect succulent roast pork with a ‘no-fail’ crispy crackling every time.

‘My “no fail method” to get a crispy pork crackling and super moist port roast is to be prepared,’ she said in a Facebook group.

The mother said she defrost her meat if it’s taken out of the freezer.

‘Once defrosted, I sit it on a plate unwrapped in the fridge for a minimum 24 hours. This will dry out the skin (drying it out helps it to crackle),’ she explained.

When you’re ready to cook, the mother said she would pull the pork out of the fridge and let it sit on the bench at room temperature for at least one hour.

‘So my pork cooks evenly,’ she said.

‘If it’s cold in the centre, it will take longer to cook.’

Next, she would turn the oven temperature to the highest heat setting.

‘[Then] I loving rub the skin with oil (very therapeutic) then sprinkle on some salt and place in a roasting pan with a drip tray (so your pork is sitting up off the bottom and does not stew in its own juices),’ she said.

‘Roast on your highest temperature for 20 minutes then turn that baby down to 180 degrees and continue cooking for a further 20 minutes per 500g of pork.

‘Once your pork is cooked remove the crackle and set aside.’

Finally transfer the meat onto a plate and set aside for half an hour to rest. 

‘Wrap your roast on foil and cover with a tea towel and let rest for at least half an hour (this will allow the juices to settle and keep your meat juices),’ she said.

‘Serve and enjoy.’

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