Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud reveals biggest change in home renovations during the past 20 years


A paint colour often associated with the 1970s could be making a comeback, Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud predicts.

While grey had replaced brown since he became the host of the popular BBC show in Britain almost 20 years ago, McCloud said yellow was now ripe for a revival.

Ahead of his Australian tour, he evoked a chuckle from 7.30 host Leigh Sales when said the ‘unending appetite for bi-fold doors’ was the biggest change he had noticed during his TV career. 

He also predicted the move to a neutral shade could soon be replaced by a colour more commonly used during the 1970s, in the era when brown was also popular. 

‘Somebody said to me the other day, “What great changes have you been able to mark over the past 20 years?” So I think the movement from brown to grey, that’s been quite a big one,’ he told the ABC on Tuesday.

‘You know, we used to put brown windows in buildings; now they’re all grey.’

‘Next it’s going to be yellow.’

The 59-year-old television presenter also observed a disturbing trend as homes became even bigger.

‘People are putting in more toilets into their homes than there are actual physical inhabitants of the building,’ he said.

‘I mean, I don’t understand that. How can four people need five toilets?

‘The house I grew up in had one toilet for the entire family. That seemed to be enough. People queued outside if they needed it.’

He joked a home in 10 years’ time would be ‘just toilets and nothing else’. 

McCloud is touring Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in October. 


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