Hallmark Channel ‘It’s Christmas, Eve’ Premiere: Forged, Trailer, Begin Time


LeAnn Rimes is bringing both her acting and musical skills to Hallmark Channel this Saturday night in the premiere of “It’s Christmas, Eve.” Joining her for the Countdown to Christmas movie, which will feature songs by Rimes, is Tyler Hynes.

This will be the fourth new 2018 Christmas movie on the network, but with over 35 new ones airing on Hallmark Channel and its sister network, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, this season, it’s only just the beginning.

Here’s what you can expect from the latest Hallmark premiere:

“Thirty-two-year-old Eve Morgan (Rimes) has been unable to settle down since her dad passed away 16 years ago,” the synopsis begins. “That’s also when she began focusing on a career instead of her talent for singing. Working her way up to interim school superintendent, Eve travels the country troubleshooting school budget issues, but she never commits to a permanent position. Now just weeks before Christmas, Eve is assigned to tackle the school budget in her hometown of Franklin, Pennsylvania.”

She’s convinced that the financials reveal the art and music programs need to be cut, which surprises her mom and bakery owner Nella (Gwnyth Walsh) because Eve’s dad was a musician. Eve isn’t happy about it, but it’s what the numbers are telling her. The only things making her feel better is being home for Christmas with her family and getting to know her handsome new neighbor, Liam Bailey (Hynes).

“Still worried about Franklin’s budget, the next day Eve goes to Nella’s bakery to commiserate with her childhood friend Darcy (Lara Gilchrist),” the synopsis continues. “There, Eve spots Liam, who has come to meet his pal Rick (Antonio Cayonne) to discuss rumors that Liam’s job as a music teacher might be in danger. Unaware that Nella’s cute daughter is the one who holds his fate in her hands, Liam begins flirting with Eve.”

Later on, while at Franklin High, Eve learns that not only does Liam teach one of the programs thinks needs to be cut, but he’s also a father. Abby (Eden Summer Gilmore) tells Eve that her dad wrote the Christmas song she’s playing on the piano before Liam comes in to get her. After finding out that Liam could lose his position, Eve’s job is now personal to her. Suddenly cutting school programs is personal to Eve and she can’t deny how essential Arts and Music are to a curriculum, so she pours over the budget once again.

“Brad [Giles Panton] has created a website where his family can register what they want for Christmas so Eve asks him to develop a similar site for the community to donate directly to Franklin’s Art and Music Programs,” according to the synopsis.

Spend Saturday night with Hallmark Channel, watching “It’s Christmas, Eve” at 8 p.m. EST.


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