How’s this for a scare at Halloween? Tens of 1000’s of pumpkins are binned yearly – Eire


How’s this for a scare at Halloween? Pumpkins are turning into an environmental hazard because millions of us are buying them, just to throw them in the bin.

A new report from Britain has shown that nearly two-thirds of consumers buy pumpkins to hollow out and carve at Halloween, yet only a third of these create something edible with the innards. Yes, pumpkins are creating a frightful mountain of food waste. In Britain, 95pc of the 10 million pumpkins grown annually are carved into lanterns, but only 5pc of these are used in recipes. And there’s no reason to suspect Ireland is any different.

Our annual pumpkin production sits somewhere in the tens of thousands, but just ask yourself how many pumpkin soups, stews or pies you’ve consumed this October…

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