‘I wanted was the lip colour I get when I have a cold’: MAFS’ Clare Verrall gets her lips tattooed


She’s the Married At First Sight bride who vowed to ‘get healthy again’ after her 44kg weight gain left her ‘too embarrassed’ to leave the house.

And on Wednesday, Clare Verrall unveiled what appears to be the next stage of her fully body makeover – tattooed lips.

The 34-year-old took to Instagram to share a time lapse video of herself getting the procedure done in Melbourne.

She lay on her back with a surgery smock pulled up over her chest in the video.

Clare bravely smiled as a gloved cosmetic surgeon carefully applied the tattoo needle to her lips.

Red ink splotches were seen forming on the surgeon’s fingers and on Clare’s cheeks.

The surgeon at times applied a type of clear film to Clare’s face, and at one point handed her a mirror to check on the progress.

At the end of the procedure, Clare’s lips appeared a rich red colour.

Clare gave a hilarious account of the experience in the video’s caption, writing: ‘OK, as many of you know I am lazy AF when it comes to makeup. I wish to retain a natural look without having to apply “natural” looking makeup. So I had my lips tattooed.’

Clare revealed that she was nervous before undergoing the treatment, adding: ‘I will admit I was very scared going in. I had a frightening image of ’90s style hard drawn-on lip liner in my head.’

Oddly, she admitted she wanted to achieve her ‘sick look’, explaining: ‘What I ideally wanted was the lip colour I naturally get when I have a cold (my lips go the prettiest colour when I am sick! Anyone else find this?)’

She noted that the procedure did not hurt, there was no blood and she even dozed off several times during the procedure.

She did admit, however, that she was at first extremely taken aback by the appearance of her lips after the treatment.

‘Immediately afterwards I will admit I was like, “Holy crap, that colour is INTENSE”, and I maaaaay have freaked out a bit,’ she wrote.

She posted a photo of her elegant strawberry red lips a fortnight after the beauty treatment and wrote: ‘The final photo is two weeks later, fully healed. I ADORE my lip colour now. No one would have any clue they were tattooed unless I told them.’

She explained that the colour will last five to eight years. 

In January, Clare revealed her weight went up from 70kg to 114kg after filming Married At First Sight, adding that PTSD had affected her lifestyle choices.

‘I have been avoiding going out or attending any events for the past year, as I am very embarrassed by how out of control my weight has become,’ she told Daily Mail Australia at the time. 

‘My body went into fight or flight mode,’ she added.

‘Your brain tells your body to store every ounce of fat as it thinks you are on Survivor when in reality I was in bed eating poorly.’ 


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