JBL Link Bar Soundbar Delayed, Might Start Shipping In 2019


The JBL Link Bar was announced in May and it was revealed to be a soundbar that comes built-in with Google Assistant, Chromecast and Android TV. The smart soundbar was supposed to start shipping next week, specifically on Oct. 16, but it looks like the product has been hit by a major delay.

Pre-orders for the JBL Link Bar were handled by B&H, who stated that it would start shipping the device in October. Twitter user Nate Harris received an email from the retailer telling him that the item has been delayed by the manufacturer, JBL. B&H also said in its email that it doesn’t have information on when exactly the order will be filled. But the company did indicate that the order “will most likely not be filled by the end of this calendar year.” Harris shared a screenshot of B&H’s email to Android Police.

The email seems to suggest that there’s a product-wide delay and not just a stocking issue, as pointed out by Android Authority. JBL hasn’t addressed the delay and there’s no information yet as to why the company decided to push back the release of the Android TV-powered soundbar.

Another interesting thing about the JBL Link Bar is that it doesn’t even have its own product page on JBL’s official website. With the company not actively promoting the product, it’s certainly possible that JBL may be backing down from launching the device. If that’s truly the case, that would be a huge disappointment since it would have been a great all-in-one product for those who want more than just a simple smart home speaker.

For those unaware, the JBL Link Bar is a soundbar that comes with Android TV. The smart soundbar is able to provide the full Android TV experience while also offering up full support for Google Assistant. It also has Chromecast features built-in, so users will be able to stream content to their TVs using their smartphones or tablets.

The JBL Link Bar is probably one of the most compelling products powered by Android TV and Google Assistant. It’s capable of bringing better audio performance to users’ TVs while also providing users with an array of smart features. Through Google Assistant, users are capable of searching for content by simply using “Hey Google” voice commands. Voice commands can also be used to control connected smart home devices.


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