Jealous lover who ran down her boyfriend’s mistress, is jailed for 3 years


A jealous woman who caught her partner with his mistress and mowed the young rival down with her car has been sentenced to jail for three years. 

After Melbourne mother-of-one Elisha Browne, 40, spotted her then-boyfriend Ross Perrys with his other girlfriend Maria Tigler, 30, at a home in Clayton in Melbourne’s south-east, she ‘saw red’.

Browne suspected Mr Perrys was with his younger girlfriend and once she found them, chased the pair in a jealous rage before she mowed down Ms Tigler, leaving her with a permanent limp and constant nightmares.

Reaching speeds of 130km/h she chased the lovers, slamming her Volvo into the back of their car.

Browne then hit Ms Tigler, who fell partially underneath the vehicle and was dragged about 30 metres.

The 40-year-old told police she saw Ms Tigler go under the car, but she got up and ‘started wailing off with that trashy mouth of hers’.

She then fled the scene, telling Mr Perrys on the phone a short time later that what happened was his fault.

Browne, who has a history of drug use, assaults and making a threat to kill, was convicted of recklessly causing serious injury and must serve at least two years behind bars.

She was also fined $500 and had her licence suspended for two years for driving offences. 

Ms Tigler spent five months in hospital recovering from a fractured femur and broken ankle. and continues rehabilitation.

She has a permanent limp and has suffered nightmares.

Both women initially believed Perrys was in a relationship with only them, but later found out he was two-timing them both.

Judge Frank Gucciardo said Perrys, who had ‘triumphantly’ started his police interview with the words ‘I have two girlfriends’, may have shared some of the culpability.

He said Mr Perrys must have understood his duplicitous behaviour might cause animosity, but added vigilantism for a ‘crime passionnel’ was not acceptable.  

Judge Gucciardo accepted the crime was driven by jealousy, stemming from Mr Perrys’s ‘betrayal’.

But it was no excuse for Browne’s actions, which put the community in danger as well as Ms Tigler’s life.

‘Jealousy is a beast,’ he told Browne’s plea hearing.

‘She’s lucky not to have killed (Ms Tigler). That’s the bottom line.’ 


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