Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s friendly Christmas walk was believed to be “stage-managed.”

The Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex were rumored to be having a rift. However, they ended the speculations when they reunited for the royal family’s Christmas Day service where they walked side by side while chatting and smiling to each other.

Journalists Rebecca Hyde and Angela Mollard shared their thoughts about Markle and Middleton’s reunion in New Idea magazine’s “Royals” podcast. Mollard felt that the two duchesses’ friendly reunion was staged.

“Have you seen a more stage-managed Christmas ever?” Mollard asked.

She pointed out how Middleton and Markle chose the regal burgundy and navy blue colors. Prince William’s wife opted for a deep red Catherine Walker coat with cranberry accessories. On the other hand, Prince Harry’s spouse donned a navy Victoria Beckham ensemble.

Aside from the two royals’ wardrobe, she felt that the way Middleton and Markle conversed was for PR. Mollard said that the royal mom of three and the pregnant duchess were expected to do it.

“They were right next to each other, all very jolly. It came out of PR 101,” Mollard said.

Mollard added that Middleton was anxious to end her row with Markle to make the Queen happy. However, she noted that if Markle and Middleton won’t be coming together in their charity work this year, then it indicates that they are still not OK and that there’s indeed a falling out between the two.

Body language expert Judi James shared the same opinion. According to James, Middleton and Markle only put a united front for the cameras. She felt that Middleton only took the matriarchal role in the royal family. In addition, the Duchess of Cambridge was keeping her future role as the next queen in mind.

The expert also noticed how Middleton exerted more effort on the said outing. The duchess opted to be a few steps behind Prince William to keep pace with Markle as they talked. Meanwhile, Markle was holding Prince Harry’s arm the whole time.

On the other hand, the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex didn’t make any effort to appear friendly to each other despite their rumored falling out. James noticed that the two royal princes were very distant and they looked “ill at ease.”

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