Keith Urban Not Feeling ‘Uneasy’ Over Russell Crowe’s ‘Infatuation’ With Nicole Kidman


According to a latest rumor, singer Keith Urban’s possessiveness toward his wife Nicole Kidman was making him jealous of the comments by actor Russell Crowe regarding his better half. However, the baseless rumor was debunked by Gossip Cop.

The premise of the false story was concocted by Woman’s Day magazine, which insisted Crowe’s recent comments about Kidman during an interview about their upcoming movie together, “Boy Erased,” was not sitting well with her husband.

The tabloid reported comments by Crowe, such as, “I waited a long time to be married to Nicole,” – which was meant as a joke during the interview than anything else – was making the “Blue Ain’t Your Color” singer feel “uneasy about seeing another man drooling over his wife.”

“Keith’s a mellow, patient guy and he’s happy for Nic and Russell to be friends, but some of the comments Russell’s been making have been way over the top,” a so-called anonymous insider said. “In Keith’s mind there’s a line that can be crossed and he’d appreciate it if Russell toned things down a notch or two.”

The alleged tipster failed to mention the same interview included the “A Beautiful Mind” actor touting Kidman’s acting skills, which suggested he was only admiring her as a colleague.

“Nicole’s acting is too seamless to describe these days, really,” Crowe said in the interview. “She is so consummate in how she inhabits characters. In the great actors there are always the concurrent contradictions of shyness and showmanship, the acute sensitivity and internal steel. She is brave on behalf of the truth and that clarity is what makes her so compelling.”

Instead, the source insinuated Urban’s “protective streak” thought Crowe was infatuated with his wife hence, “wants him to cool it with the public declarations of love.”

Gossip Cop reached out to the singer’s rep, who confirmed the latest rumor was nothing more than a ploy to make fans of the three celebrities think there was some sort of a love triangle at play.

Kidman and Crowe have been friends for more than 30 years, ever since they first met in the 80s and being the former’s husband for 12 years, and it was unlikely Urban would suspect their relationship as anything more than a close friendship. Urban even invited Crowe on the stage during his concert in Vancouver as a surprise to his fans and performed a number of songs with him.

Hence the rumor that Urban was jealous of Crowe complimenting his wife was bogus.


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