Kiwi woman caught with cannabis and bong in insists she smoked drugs because she missed her family


A homesick Kiwi woman caught with cannabis and a bong in her car insists she only smoked drugs because she missed her family.

Jayde Waereti Shirlene Parnell, 23, fronted Maroochydore Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to single counts of possessing dangerous drugs, anything used in the commission of a crime and utensils.

Officers pulled over Ms Parnell while she was driving along Kiel Mountain Road in Queensland earlier this year.

The police had initially pulled over Ms Parnell for an unconnected offence, but as they took her details they smelled marijuana coming from her car.

After they were told there was a bong in the backseat and weed in the glove box, the police searched her car.

They discovered a black backpack with 110 grams of marijuana, scissors and a grinder in the boot. 

Ms Parnell owned up to the items and said they were for her personal use. 

Lawyer Matthew Cooper told the court that Ms Parnell lived on her own, after she had moved from New Zealand to Australia in 2006. 

He said Ms Parnell had recently started smoking marijuana at night, as she missed her overseas family.

It was also revealed that Ms Parnell had suffered numerous injuries in a previous accident, including a fractured back and brain injury.

It was noted that she was still plagued with bladder and pelvic issues.  

She since received a personal injury claim which gets paid to her in increments.

A submission for a good behaviour bond was rejected and Magistrate Rod Madsen ordered Ms Parnell pay $400 for each offence, with the convictions recorded.




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