Marisa Lamonica reveals cosmetic work she had done before appearing on reality TV show Take Me Out


A 34-year-old woman has revealed the intense cosmetic procedures she had done before appearing on a reality television dating show.

Take Me Out contestant Marisa Lamonica, from Sydney, is now unrecognisable after splashing out thousands of dollars transforming her look.

For the past four years, the aspiring actress and model underwent jawline slimming injections, lip fillers, forehead wrinkle smoothing and skin treatments.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the Italian assistant accountant opened up about the inspiration behind her astonishing beauty makeover.

‘I wanted to look and feel my absolute best. When you look good you feel good, I also just wanted to look even prettier with a doll face look,’ she said.

‘I never felt like an ugly duckling but I always knew if I enhanced what I already had, I could be a better version of myself. It was never about changing myself but just enhancing myself.

‘I’ve always loved that pretty doll face look and I think I am getting close to that look so I am completely happy and love my unique look. Now it’s all about maintenance.’

The stunning brunette said she started getting cosmetic work in 2014 after she met Dr Naomi McCullum, founder of The Manse clinic in Paddington.

‘I met Dr Naomi who is a cosmetic genius… and it all started from there,’ she said.

‘I had jawline slimming injections done, lip filler and wrinkle smoothing injections in my forehead. I also had lots of skin treatments to work on getting it as flawless as possible and to make me glow.’

When asked how much money she spent, Marisa responded: ‘I don’t know… I don’t want to add it up. I just care about the results!’

Marisa said her inspiration to undergo cosmetic work stems from Angelina Jolie, who’s famously known for her luscious, plump lips.

‘When I was younger before even Kylie Jenner existed, I would see pictures of Angelina Jolie and always wanted to have beautiful full lips like hers,’ she said.

‘I always thought her face was so gorgeous.’

So what’s next on the agenda?

‘Right now, it’s all maintenance but I would be keen to get fat dissolving injections for my neck,’ Marisa said. 

Since embarking on her incredible transformation, Marisa said she feels happier about herself more than ever. 

‘We are here in this world to live,’ she said.

‘So we may as well be happy with ourselves and how we look. It’s proven how you look on the outside can affect how you feel on the inside.

‘When I look my best, I feel my best and then I am at my best giving off good energy to attract more positive things in my life.

‘All the physical enhancements I have made have also enhanced my life. I get pleasure from improving myself.’

For those who are interested to get cosmetic work done, Marisa urged: ‘Do your research first. Choose a reputable clinic with doctors who have a lot of experience.’


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