Midfield handshake at Pee Wee Football game devolves into a nasty brawl among grown men


Dads were caught on camera behaving very badly at a West Virginia Pee Wee football game over the weekend, frightening kids and needing to be scolded into submission by an irate woman.  

A man on the sidelines captured the tussle between rival coaches at the Pee Wee football game between the Central Warriors and Ridgeview Wolfpack in Wise, Virginia, on Saturday afternoon.

‘Class act today,’ Stephen Salyers, posting under x_salyers_x, wrote in the Instagram caption accompanying the video he uploaded later that day. 

‘Watching grown men fight over a pee wee football game. Grow the hell up. Let the kids play.lol The kids are more adult. Watch your actions you should be ashamed of yourself.’ 

The 50-second clip, which has since gone viral, starts with players and coaches midfield, participating in the traditional ‘good game’ handshake. 

All seems to be going as usual as the kids and coaches nod and smile at each other while progressing down the line — that is until one coach stops to exchange words with a coach on the rival team.

It’s unclear what was said, but the instigating coach’s words riled up some of the nearby red team coaches, who promptly waded into the argument, only to have coaches from both teams quickly try to diffuse the situation. Some of the coaches can even be seen shaking hands and hugging it out. 

But, rather than let sleeping dogs lie, one of the red team coaches rushes over and shoves the original instigator, which kicks off a full-on brawl in the center of the field.

Children left on the field can be seen running away from the fighting adults. 

It isn’t until a jeans-clad, blonde woman runs into midfield and bodily inserts herself into the action that the fight breaks up. She can be seen gesticulating at the grown men and shouting at them as the video ends. 

Salyers noted that he was only at the game that day to watch his nephew play in his first Pee Wee league game and that it was ‘just sickening to me that grown men are supposed to be teaching kids how to act right, play with sportsmanship,and they act like children there selves.’

‘I felt the worst for the kids,’ Salyers wrote. ‘They were scared and crying their eyes out.’ 

One of the coaches there that day commented on Salyers’ video, stating that the reason the instigating coach stopped to talk with the red-clad coach was because he had been taunting the other team during the game. 

According to Instagrammer william_552002, an apparent acquaintance of Salyers’, one of the opposing team’s coaches had said, three times during the game that ‘he was going to meet our coaches at the parking lot.’ 

william_552002 went on to note that while shaking hands, the coach told the other coach ‘I’m not going to let you f***ing taunt our boys like that,’ but that the other coach kept ‘cussing saying meet me in the parking lot’ and ‘still being aggressive,’ prompting one of the other coaches to push him. 

At which point the coach said ‘f**k you and swung a punch,’ william_552002 wrote. ‘that’s a 300 pound man swinging punches around kids so i kept him off them.’ 

‘It all escalated when the shoving started. Real coaches, mentors , role models, would have walked away instead of letting it get to that point,’ Salyers replied. 

‘This is directed at both sides not only one. Like I said I felt sorry for the children because a bunch of selfish adults. Who are trying to re live their high school days through there children had to have a fist fight over a peanut football game.

‘Anyone who was involved in this should watch their actions and think of how your now viewed in the eye of the children,’ Salyers concluded.  

Turns out bystanders had called police during the on-field fight, but that no charges were filed and that there were no serious injuries sustained during the dust up, WCYB reported.  

‘It was pitiful to see the kids crying and scared (and) these are their coaches and mentors and guys they look up to,’ a parent told the news station.  


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