Staci Felker, the ex-wife of Evan Felker, has finally reacted to Miranda Lambert’s secret marriage to Brendan McLoughlin. Lambert was previously married to Evan, but she has been silent for about a month since the marriage.

The internet was abuzz with chatter after Lambert suddenly announced that she married McLoughlin. The announcement came just a few days after Valentine’s Day and it surprised unsuspecting fans.

Staci hosted a Q&A session on her Instagram Story recently, and one of her followers asked her how she could be silent for a whole month after Lambert’s marriage, Us Weekly reported. Staci responded to the question, and she had only nice things to say about the newlyweds.

“I have had a year’s training of holding my tongue,” Staci said.

She has seen the pictures of Lambert and McLoughlin that the former shared on her Instagram page. She said that the wedding dress was “very pretty.”

Staci wished Lambert would call her and tell her how she was able to get over Evan. She added that it hasn’t been easy for her to get over her ex.

Evan and Staci got married in 2016, but the former left her just two years later. She later found out through a newspaper that he had filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized three months later.

In her post, Lambert called McLoughlin the love of her life and “the one.” She thanked him for loving her for her and added that her heart was full.

Meanwhile, Lambert has been focusing on her work. She had a busy 2018 with the launch of a new album and her new clothing and boot line. Her lifestyle brand Idyllwind is targeted at confident, adventurous and “perfectly imperfect” women. Some of the products from the brand have been posted on the Instagram page of the company.

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