Muslim ‘who plotted Christmas Day terror attack thought Allah had greater plans for them’ 


A confessed terrorist laughed with his co-accused in prison, telling them maybe Allah had bigger plans for them after their alleged Christmas Day plot to attack the Melbourne CBD was foiled.

Ibrahim Abbas was recorded in custody days after the alleged 2016 plot was stopped, discussing it with his brother Hamza Abbas, 23, cousin Abdullah Chaarani, 27, and Ahmed Mohamed, 25.

Ibrahim Abbas has pleaded guilty to conspiring to prepare an attack, but the other three men are on trial in the Supreme Court and deny being co-conspirators.

On December 27 2016, police recorded Ibrahim Abbas explaining to the trio what he had told police five days earlier.

‘Maybe Allah’s planning something bigger. Like, bro, psychological warfare,’ he said.

‘That was the whole point of Osama Bin Laden, to get them psychologically.’

Abbas also said the interview was the perfect time to bring up the ‘biggest story’.

‘Haha I have pledged my allegiance to ISIS. I do want to destroy your nation,’ he said, before the group burst into laughter.

In the recording, Chaarani refers to bombs as ‘tick tocks’ and Abbas tells him he told police he didn’t know how to make them.

Abbas admits to the men he told police he asked the trio to buy bomb-making ingredients. But they never made a bomb.

Mohamed responded: ‘Far. That the biggest lie, but. Cos on my phone there’s screenshots’.

‘Why do you have screenshots for?’ Abbas asked.

‘Cos I’m an idiot, simple,’ Mohamed replied.

That conversation was initially believed to be between Abbas and Chaarani, but Abbas told the court on Wednesday it was Mohamed.

The trial is continuing.


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