Power outages to stop health services in Gaza hospital


In few days there will be no fuel to run generators, health official says

Power outages to stop health services in Gaza hospital

By Nour Abu Eisha

GAZA CITY, Palestine 

An official at the Palestinian Ministry of Health warned on Sunday that medical services provided by the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip would soon stop due to an ongoing electricity crisis.

“Only one week of fuel is available for Al-Shifa Medical Complex, which provides services to half a million patients a year,” Medhat Abbas, director general of the hospital, told a news conference.

He added: “This hospital also saved the lives of thousands of Palestinian people injured in the ongoing marches on the security fence.”

He said in a few days “there will be no fuel to run generators used to provide power needed to operate departments and organs of the hospital”.

He warned of the danger of power outages for many departments such as dialysis, intensive care, surgery rooms, outpatient clinics, and sections of radiation.

“The lack of electricity poses a direct threat to the lives of civilians inside the besieged Gaza Strip,” he said.

Abbas added that the donors the Ministry of Health relied on to provide fuel to their hospitals were no longer available.


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