Prince Harry has three personas that make people love him dearly.

The Duke of Sussex has something in him that the public really loves. In the 2017 documentary “Prince Harry – An Engaging Life,” Ingrid Seward explained why Prince Harry is the most popular royal.

According to the Majesty Magazine editor, Prince Harry has shown three personas during the course of his life. These personalities reportedly made him more relatable.

Ingrid said that Prince Harry was a sensitive little boy, a fighting man and an idiot. “I think people love him for all these three things,” the royal expert noted.

Royal biographer Robert Johnson thinks that one might not consider Prince Harry the most popular member of the royal family, but he has something in him that is very appealing to the people.

“Before going on camera, before making a public speech, he is very nervous, but actually that adds to his naturalness and adds to the charm,” Johnson said.

Johnson also considered Prince Harry the most naturally open person in the royal fold. According to him, when Prince Harry meet with people, they tend to be warm to him not because he is a prince but because of what he is as a person.

Princess Diana’s friend Elton John believed that Prince Harry inherited the trait from the People’s Princess. When the late Princess of Wales was still alive, she was able to quickly connect to the people the same way Prince Harry does. The Duke of Sussex knows how to make all types of people feel equal.

According to YouGov’s survey, 77 percent of the Brits consider themselves a fan of the Duke of Sussex. This makes Prince Harry the nation’s favorite royal.

Queen Elizabeth II came close at the second spot with 74 percent. Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate Middleton ranked third and fourth with 73 percent and 64 percent, respectively.

Although Prince Harry is well-loved by the people, there was a point in his life when he wanted to quit his royal life. Prince Wiliam’s brother was a “reluctant royal” but the Queen convinced him to stay. Queen Elizabeth II forgave him for all his misbehaviors and shortcomings.

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