Professional psychic reveals the things she will never tell clients


A celebrity psychic has revealed the only things she won’t ever tell her clients and the worst scenarios she’s had to deal with on the job.

Kerrie Erwin, 58, from Sydney is a professional medium, energy worker and author and now she has shared some of her secrets.

‘I would never tell a customer when somebody is going to die, or let them think they have an illness as I am not a doctor,’ she told FEMAIL.

‘I would never tell people I can remove curses or spirits for hundreds of dollars as I have seen people affected by fraudulent people so often, but I can remove negative energy.’ 

If she notices that someone has an issue that isn’t in her field she will generally pass them on to experts in that particular area.  

Her work revolves around connecting loved ones in the spirit world to family and friends who are still alive.

Ms Erwin said she is also able to clear spirits who do not want to leave earth. 

‘I work with spirit rescue, which is commonly known as ghost busting for souls that have not crossed over,’ she said. 

‘Yes, these spirits or lost souls do exist, as they are often confused and trapped in the astral, which is a lonely grey world they do not belong in,’ she added.

The 58-year-old is also able to see past present and future clairvoyantly. 

Ms Erwin said she was able to see and hear spirits talking from the age of seven and that she has known life ‘no other way’. 

She explained that nobody else in her family has the same gift, nor do they have any psychic awareness. 

‘When I connect to a spirit I often get names, how they died and they often just want to give me messages to loved ones as death is never the end and love is eternal,’ she said.

‘It is not unusual to have long conversations about their concerns with living in this life. Spirits also always have messages to give loved ones.’

Ms Erwin said when she was a child she used to see spirits but it scared her so much she asked God to take the skill away.

These days she senses spirits through smell, feelings and she hears them talk.

‘Often when I’m visiting my parents a lot of relatives or neighbours in the spirit world pop in around the dinner table when we are having meals to say hello,’ she said. 

‘You get to smell cigarette smells, perfumes and all sorts of things. This always gives us a good laugh.’

Ms Erwin explained that the hardest parts of her job is working with unhappy and lonely people that get conned, people that have been abused and people that live in fear.

‘I have also had to deal with families of murder victims and people that are left behind to pick up the pieces when their loved one has killed themselves,’ she said.

‘Mothers and fathers of dead children are hard to deal with in the beginning but once connected to the child spirit there is a lot of laughter and healing as spirit children are so free, funny and happy in the spirit world.’

She has removed dark and negative energies from people’s auras, which she says gives them an immediate relief. 

Ms Erwin said she has only ever seen dark sinister spirits at murder sites, which is not her expertise.

As for how people can tell they’re psychic, she said generally people know and when they honour it they can train up to have a better understanding of their gifts.

‘From a very early age I always knew my spiritual contract was to help people. I know I am here to make a difference and be of service in every way to loving spirit,’ she said.

‘Through my articles and books I am passionate about the work I do as a medium as it is an integral part of my life.’ 

Previously Ms Erwin told Daily Mail Australia that the spirit of a young girl who died from cancer performed Kylie Minogue’s hit song The Loco-Motion when she visited her.

The girl, who passed away when she was about eight years old, told Ms Erwin her mother would phone – and not long after, she did.

‘She said: “My mother’s going to ring, I died and she wants to get in contact with me”,’ Ms Erwin said.

‘Often I get songs when people come through, if someone really loved Elvis I’ll hear an Elvis song.

‘The little girl was singing Kylie Minogue and dancing around the room. It’s a spirit’s way of giving evidence.’


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