SONY has had an astonishingly impressive run this generation, and as we draw to the end of the PS4, Xbox One and Switch era, PlayStation shows no signs of slowing down.

PS4 NEWS: Sony PlayStation shock console reveal is bad news for Nintendo's games record

PS4 NEWS: Sony PlayStation console reveal is bad news for Nintendo games record (Pic: DS)

Despite the strong sales for Nintendo Switch and a slight resurgence for Microsoft thanks to the Xbox One X, it’s still hard to argue that 2018 wasn’t a bumper year for Sony’s PlayStation brand.

The hardware and software giant continued unimpeded on its hugely successful PS4 campaign throughout the year, and managed to finish the year with a bang, too.

In a CES keynote earlier this week, Sony revealed that it closed out the year with an amazing 5.6 million PS4 sales – bringing the total number of consoles sold through up to 91.6 million.

No doubt Sony’s upper management is ecstatic: this number means the tech company is now only about 10 million units behind the best-selling Nintendo home console, the Wii.

Sony managed to sell over 18 million PS4 units throughout 2018, and though we’re seeing hardware sales start to decelerate now, the company can likely expect to just about beat Nintendo’s sales record in 2019.

The PS4 has been supported by a wonderful lineup of games in its lifetime, thanks in no small part to Sony’s domination of first-party exclusives this generation.

Even during the Holiday season for 2018/19, Sony managed to sell through a staggering 50.7 million software units.

Analysts predict that Sony will shift another 17 million PS4 consoles in 2019, bolstered by releases of The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and more.

And whilst it should be noted that both the above mentioned games are without a release date currently, the smart money is on at least one releasing this year.

Though things look good for Sony, one analytics firm believes there’s another platform holder that’s going to nab the lion’s share of sales in 2019.

According to Strategy Analytics, it’ll be Nintendo who is going to dominate this year thanks to strong sales of the Switch.

In their “Global Game Console Market Forecast,” the firm predicted that the Nintendo Switch will sell 17.3 million consoles in 2019, while Sony will fall just behind with 17.1 million PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles.

Chirag Upadhyay, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics notes:

“Console upgrade cycles continue, and the three-way battle between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, which has been raging now for the best part of two decades, shows no sign of abating as each platform owner discusses its plans for updates and new generations.

“In partnership with developers and driven by the ever-rising expectations of consumers we fully expect these platform owners to continue to push the boundaries of the large screen gaming experience for many more years to come.”

We’ll see if this prediction turns out to be true in the coming months.

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