Scary second a kangaroo jumps onto a driver’s windscreen narrowly avoiding disaster


A lucky motorist has narrowly avoided catastrophe after a kangaroo jumped onto the windshield of this car.

Captured on video, the marsupial was seen weaving in front of the car’s headlights on a remote road in Western Australia.

Members of a Perth-based band ‘Thank You Frank’ captured the scary moment when travelling back from rehearsal in Casuarina, 40 kilometres south of the Western Australian capital.

The video, posted to Viralhog, opens with the car moving along the road slowly, just metres behind the bouncing kangaroo.

The marsupial then weaves in front of the car, causing the driver to slam on the brakes.

It then quickly changes directions once more into the right lane, before pausing as the car creeps up next to it. 

The marsupial then changes directions and jumps in front of the car, causing it to stop.

The men behind the camera laugh as it jumps around in front of them, with one of them saying: ‘What are you doing, mate?’

Within a matter of seconds, the kangaroo then jumps high into the air and lands on the windscreen.

It then bounces off the side of the car before bounding away as if nothing happened.

The video serves as a reminder to drivers stay vigilant in rural areas where native wildlife are prone to crossing roads without warning.


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