Selfish SUV driver blocking traffic while trying to jump a queue is busted by an unmarked cop car


A driver who attempted to jump the queue by forcing their way into a left-turning lane has been given a dose of instant karma.

Footage captured on a dashcam shows an orange Subaru SUV attempting to move into the left lane on Melbourne’s M3 Freeway.

As the car tries to turn left, those stuck behind the driver begin blasting their horns in anger.

The driver of the orange Subaru eventually manages to force the vehicle into the lane, but instantly receives a shock when the black Hyundai it merged in front of turns on its police sirens.

The orange Subaru was pulled over straight away and a police officer was seen exiting the Hyundai to speak to the driver.

Video footage of the incident was shared to the Dashcam Owners Australia Facebook page, and has been viewed more than 148,000 times.

Some viewers defended the driver of the orange Subaru, saying they may have been in an unfamiliar area.

‘So if you are driving along an unfamiliar road and get caught in the wrong lane it’s easy to look like you are pushing in,’ one person said.

‘Hard to tell from the video how much of a queue he jumped. Also note that the cop car proceeded to stop in the queue and get out of his car – bad luck for everyone behind them!’



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